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Rob Dickerson (Partner)

I have been a partner at RLR for eight years and I have been a practicing CPA for 23 years.  While we provide great client service to our small business clients, the foundation of our firm is the outstanding team we have at RLR.  Many of our professionals have worked at other firms or other employers prior to their arrival at RLR.  We are not your typical CPA firm.  Sure, we work hard from January to April, but in return we have developed a unique culture that truly walks the talk when it comes to real work life balance.  
  • The office is officially closed on Fridays from the first Friday in May to the last Friday in November.  While we sometimes do work a few Friday’s here and there, most of our professionals are able to manage their schedules such that they are able to take a majority of the Fridays off in the summer
  • No mandatory Saturdays during Tax Season.  We feel our professionals are responsible enough to manage their workloads and schedules in advance such that requiring set hours or mandatory “Saturdays” is not required.  
  • None of our professionals are required to work more than 2,200 hours in a year, many are on 2,080 contracts.  While front loaded for tax season, the schedules we craft work around your life and what you want to do.  
  • Life happens, so working around important family events during tax season – or other times of the year – is pretty easily accomplished.  Again, our professionals are responsible and we are committed to walking the talk.  
  • We have professionals that want to start families and not have the demands of being a CPA during those early childhood development years.  We have worked hard to craft individually tailored programs that work both for the firm and the professional.  You do not have to give up your career to have a family.  Our part-time professionals manage 20 hour per week schedules – partially in the office, partially at home.  Most importantly, when the professional is ready to come back to the firm full-time, we have a spot already carved out.  
Talk to any of our professionals about our work life balance, how we do walk the talk.  Ok, maybe not on April 16th, but any Thursday afternoon this summer as they are about to head out on their three day weekend.  Ask them how RLR, how we compare with the work environment and demands at other firms.  You really can have great work life balance and a career in public accounting.

Brenda Hofmann (Practice Manager)

“What a great place to work.  The culture is phenomenal.  I’ve worked for other CPA firms and I can honestly say, RLR’s culture and work/life balance are truly heads above other firms.  What a great decision I made to come work for this awesome company.” 

Emmy Bell (Payroll/Bookkeeping Associate)

"I love the environment at RLR, the support is amazing here. I worked full time for RLR for 3 or 4 years before working for private company. But I returned part time in 2014.  I have two kids that are both active in sports and RLR understands that family/work balance.  They give you the opportunity to grow if you want, the staff is always helpful, couldn’t imagine a better place to work."

Megan Douglas (Front Desk Associate)

“I have worked in the RLR Front Desk department for eight years now. RLR is a great place to work. We have a talented and knowledgeable staff and a wonderful clientele. I enjoy working with both and I value the challenging, professional and positive work atmosphere. We work hard during and after tax season, but we are able to balance that out with our Fridays off May through November. That makes for a happy employee and a happy life.” 

Jen Webber (Administrator - former employee - moved out of state)

There are many things I want to say thank you for but most of all I wanted to say thank you for taking a chance on me. You have created a very special and unique work place filled with an incredible team and I am proud to have been able to be a part of it all. After working in very negative work environments for most of my life thus far, it was quite an adjustment for me to come in to such a positive one. I can only hope that my next venture is a quarter of what RLR is. Thank you again for everything.  - Jen

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